Category: Field & In-Store Promotion
Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Submitter: MAAKE Australia


19 Crimes brand vision is to be the adult beverage category’s most celebrated legend and disruptive force – for those with the millennial mindset. The task was to increase brand exposure and recognition, drive consumer engagement and inform consumers about the brand story, with an interesting and unique display.

The objective was to increase both sales and brand awareness through an authentic brand experience with an engaging in-store display. The premise for this campaign was to “Get Your Mug Shot Taken & Join the Gang”. The overarching aim was to disrupt the market with this innovative in-store display, in which consumers could participate in, creating a memorable experience.

The brief was to run this campaign in a handful of retail stores across Australia. To elaborate on the premise, the concept was for consumers to have their photo ‘mug shot’ taken in a custom designed corflute photobooth, have their own personalised wine label printed showing their mug shot photo taken, to then ‘Join the 19 Crimes Gang’.

Through the activation consumers were able to sample the product and learn about the brand story. The personalised
label ensured the activation extended beyond the in-store experience, with the bottle becoming a talking point when
brought out in a social setting. Although hard to quantify, this additional benefit of the activation is incredibly invaluable
in introducing the 19 Crimes brand story to new audiences.

How were the objectives met?

The display results were incredibly positive and successful upon completion of the activation for all parties involved.
The retailers shared positive feedback, along with significant sales increase results. Consumers had a great deal of enjoyment and amusement by the novelty of having their personalised wine labels printed with their mug shots.
Consumers absolutely loved the display, with many consumers stating how they thought it was such a great idea, and
one they had never seen before. Through this authentic engagement with the brand, consumers went away with a
positive brand experience, which they will associate this positive experience with the brand as a result of the engagement during the activation.

The outcome of sales results provided from the retailer indicated that the promotion uplifted sales of the brand by
346.7%, with average sales of the brand prior to the activation being 161 units, which increased during the activation
period to 721 units of the brand. The average sales of units since the activation have increased to an average of 204 units, resulting in 26% in baseline uplift for the brand.