Get recognition for your new store, renovation, fixture, visual presentation projects, in-store communications and more. The Shop! Design Awards recognize excellence in retail design. Entries are judged on design, originality in the use of space and materials, and quality of concept execution.

Winners are featured in the Shop! Design Awards Winners Book and receive coverage in other industry publications and press outlets during GlobalShop and thoughout the year. Share your best with us as our industry judges consider those designs that truly stand out.

More Chances To Win

Entry categories include department stores, specialty stores, outlets, pop-up’s, grocery stores, restaurants, kiosks, branded shops and window displays. Individual elements such as store fixtures, visual presentation, flooring, lighting, in-store communications, wall treatment and sustainability have individual categories of competition.


Entries may be submitted by retailers, designers, architects or suppliers of projects installed in operating retail environments between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2018.


An independent panel of judges determines a Gold Award and up to two Silver Awards in each category. One overall store entry is also awarded Store of the Year. Additionally, several projects will win special awards for individual elements. And one project will receive Fixture of the Year or a Visual Presentation of the Year. The list of judges is available.

Entry Fees

Early Bird Rate for Shop! Members: $175 per submission
Early Bird Rate for Non-members: $325 per submission
Regular Rate for Shop! Members: $375
Regular Rate for Non-member: $525
Special Element Consideration: $50 per element

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Entry Categories

Any store that sells meals for immediate consumption at moderate prices, including casual and family restaurants, delis and cafes.

Any store that serves meals prepared for onsite, drive-through or take-out consumption that can be prepared in 3-5 minutes or less while the customer waits. Must be classified as a Fast Food Chain.

Any store that serves meals prepared on-site for immediate consumption and creates a fine dining experience that features a high level of service, comfort, and décor.

Small grocery stores predominantly selling convenience items, including snack foods and sandwiches. Gas station c-stores are encouraged to submit.

Any store that merchandises and sells a variety of food and beverage types. May include some prepared food sections as one of many departments.

Any store that merchandises and sells as its main product specialty foods, beverages, or products that are consumable such as tobacco and cannibis. This category differs from the Restaurant categories in that the food product sold is not generally for immediate consumption, with the exception of some food retailers that offer food and drink bars as an added service.

Any establishment that sells a service rather than a product, such as banks, brokerages, financial services, hair salons, spas, business service centers, and travel agencies.

Any retail environment that sells merchandise/services or offers a brand experience in a temporary installation of one year or less. This category may include tented spaces, moving vehicles, barges and other mobile retail, as well as seasonal and special promotional events held in retail or non-retail buildings. This category may be further segmented at the judges’ discretion.

A single specialty department within a department store, e.g., menswear, shoe department, etc.

A single branded shop or department within a department store, e.g., Chanel Cosmetics within Saks Fifth Avenue or Timberland PRO within Ritz Safety.

A campaign, event, or experience that drives consumer interaction with a brand.

A traditional department store with several distinctive areas devoted to various product classifications or brands, which might include apparel, cosmetics, home goods, linens, electronics, etc.

Stores, including themed environments, where at least 50 percent of the merchandise is hardlines, such as toys, electronics, audio visuals, hardware, eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry, appliances, equipment, furniture, or variations thereof. Additionally, floral, bath and body products, and books are defined as hardlines. Stores in this category are further divided by square footage.

Stores, including themed environments, where at least 50 percent of the merchandise is softlines, such as apparel, shoes, textiles, and linens. Stores in this category are further divided by square footage.

A store specializing in one or more product lines, generally but not necessarily incorporating both hardline and softline goods. Shop! reserves the right to further subdivide this category as necessary in order to ensure accurate, equitable store comparisons.

Stores in which manufacturers sell new, one- of-a-kind, out-of-carton, discontinued, obsolete, used, reconditioned, overstocked, and scratched and dented products across a broad assortment of merchandise categories.

Any part of a shopping venue that is outside of individual stores for use by all tenants and shoppers such as access points, mall corridors, stairways and elevators, restrooms, parking areas, courtyards and landscaping.

A stand-alone store fixture, vending machine or kiosk where customers can purchase merchandise, a service, and/or where product knowledge can be accessed. Typically found in a non-retail environment or in the middle of a mall.

A store or shop window displaying items for sale or otherwise designed to attract customers into the store.

*One Gold Award Winner from qualifying categories (*) will be selected as the STORE OF THE YEAR

INDIVIDUAL ELEMENT CATEGORIES – must be part of a full entry
(only $50 additional for each!)

Any aesthetic or functional enhancement to flooring within a retail environment

Any aesthetic or functional enhancement to lighting within a retail environment.

Static signage/graphics including brand and lifestyle graphics as well as wayfinding, exterior/storefront, and retail brand messaging signage.

Retail exterior/facade that reinforces the store as a destination, exemplifies branding, creatively solves an architectural challenge, or adds aesthetic beauty while meeting functional needs.

Any unit, units, or kiosk used to hold or display merchandise in a store, shop, or as a freestanding center.

Any sustainable element or innovative sustainable aspect of your project.

Application of technology in-store or on the storefront to enhance the in-store experience, engage consumers, reinforce brand positioning, increase dwell time, attract attention, increase sales, assist with product selection, provide customized products or services, etc.

Any visual or thematic element or elements, including Cosmetic Presentation (seasonal or other); Graphic Communication; Mannequin displays or groupings; Seasonal Presentation; Themed Prop or Environment; and Window Display.

A decorative process or art form used to enhance a wall within a retail environment.