Category: Personal Electronics and Software – Semi-Permanent
Submitted by:  darko
Client Company:  Arlo Technologies


The innovative Arlo endcap was designed to showcases a suite of products and feature their ease of connectivity & options for subscription services. The interactive capacitive touch pods are set on a “perch” to foster seamless shopper exploration & activation of the crisp visual content for inspiration & education. The ingenious value engineered capacitive buttons are a test case for Best Buy and will be used to set a benchmark for the future as the retailer transitions away from their traditional metal activation buttons. Product placement was planned beneath the circuit board for accessible & updateable future initiatives.  With no resourced installation budget, the activation needed to be efficient and seemless for store associates to set.  Easy access to technology for future updates was considered and  associates simply needed to remove existing endcap and then build.  An extra set of graphics were provided  and housed within the circuitboard wedge to troubleshoot against any anticipated wear & tear.