Category: Toys, Sport & Fashion – Temporary
Location: Prague, Czech Republic


In the spring of 2019, Nike introduced the Nike Free 5.0, a new model of barefoot-like running shoe. The main benefit was a specially shaped outsole that allowed a full range of movement, faithfully imitating natural barefoot running. The client asked us to prepare a 3D campaign element for the store entrance that would attract the customer’s attention, acquaint him with the product and benefits, and creatively communicate the key campaign message: a return to nature and naturalness of movement. At the same time, we had to adhere to visual guidelines defined by the client’s global campaign platform. The initial installation was designed and adapted for partner retailers specializing in running in the Czech Republic and Poland.

How were the objectives met?

The 3D installation followed the campaign’s visual guidelines and integrated seamlessly with campaign communication in shop windows and interiors. The use of natural materials in the design was a direct reference to the key campaign idea of a return to nature. The link between nature and the product benefits was also reflected in the installation’s centrepiece – a wooden replica of the Nike Free shoe hand-carved from a single piece of wood showing in precise detail the intricate pattern on the sole. The product communication and its evolution story were inserted on a set of translucent holders, naturally complementing the display.