Category: Store Fixture & Elements
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Submitter: Shenzhen Onewe Commercial Space Design & Planning Co., Ltd


China is one of ancient civilization of the world. Prosperity of commercial markets has a long history. The modern Chinese retail department store design style is dominated by the style of following and imitating the west, which gives people a sense of Deja Vu in every retail space. The lack of humanistic atmosphere and thematic design is a common problem in contemporary Chinese commercial space design. Renhe city is located in the “land of abundance” of Chengdu, Sichuan province. Under the soil of such a thousand-year old city, there is no commercial space that truly conforms to the Oriental traditional culture.
In this context, the client hopes that we can jump out of the cookie-cutter business environment and build a unique heritage of the Chinese nation millennium heritage of the Chinese nation millennium culture of the eastern city collection. While satisfying the core value of the store, it endows the space with the soul of the east, arouses the resonance of consumers, and shapes an impressive commercial space.

How were the objectives met?

Renhe market invested 15 million yuan in the decoration and decoration cost. In this project, we planned it as a supermarket+market, and integrated the food stalls and snacks into it to improve the efficiency, enhance the fun and shopping of the store, and extend the time consumers stay in the store. Since the opening of this project in November last year, the turnover of this project has reached 40 million yuan within half a year, with a gross profit of 14%. Compared with other unchanged branches, the turnover has increased by 30%.
This project is the first commercial space created with the theme of “new Oriental” in China, which covers many cultural symbols rooted in the bones of our Chinese people, so that consumers have a great resonance. With the continuous efforts of the operation team in the later period, Chengdu Renhe market has achieved a state of high appearance and high income. After it was launched in southwest China in 2018, Renhe market has become the benchmark of the industry, with a large number of people in the industry going to visit and study, and a wave of the return of traditional national culture in the field of retail design has been set off.