Category: Category Management
Location: Teresina, Piauí, Brazil
Submitter: Eclética Comunicação


The client needed to increase the volume of blood donations that supply state hospitals with blood transfusion grants (in Brazil blood must be donated voluntarily). Thus, the client wanted to increase the incentive so that more people could go to the state blood centers and make the donation.
As part of an incentive campaign coupled with other media, the totem acted at the point of sale and aimed to foster interaction with donors and get them to share their donation on social networks, reaching even more people.

How were the objectives met?

Soon donors began sharing photos and spontaneous mentions on social networks, especially on Instagram, with photos or videos next to the totem by pushing the button that symbolized donated blood. During the campaign period, the volume of donations increased by about 30%, strengthening the state stock. In addition, several Brazilian blood centers contacted us to reproduce the idea in their states.