Category: Specialty Retailers and Services – Semi-Permanent
Submitted by: Great Northern Instore
Client Company: Davidoff of Geneva


AVO Cigars wanted a unique display vehicle to launch its Unexpected line of cigars, which features four unique blends.  AVO required a merchandiser to promote the product, over a long period of time, yet meet budget parameters.  This line of products evokes exotic locations and sources for its tobacco.  The display needed to capture this essence and showcase the four blends.

Great Northern Instore created a travel trunk structure that conjured images of exotic locations.  To meet budgets, this semi-permanent structure was built with corrugated materials, and included foam core on items facing the shopper (the lug-ons and front faces of the trunk).  Printed to mimic a well-traveled leather trunk, brass hinges, a brass latch, and actual leather handle were utilized to complete the look.  All structural elements are enclosed, so the display can be cleanly viewed from all 360 degrees.  Shelves were kept minimalistic, to allow the cigar boxes to be prominent.  The large, AVO logo, on a proud lug-on drives branding and a colorful, exotic tropical scene commands shopper attention.  The four blends are described on the header and next to each box is a color-coded description.