Category: Specialty Store Concepts
Location: Naples, FL, USA
Submitter: Instorescreen LLC


Oakes Farms new 75,000 sq. ft. organic grocery store in Naples Florida wanted to spare no expense to deliver a high-end experience to their customers. Their goal was to create a one of a kind grocery store; a place where people wanted to be. The store is called Seed To Table because they are promoting a lifestyle of eating locally grown organic products that are delivered fresh daily. In keeping with this lifestyle, a customer needs to frequently visit the store, so Oakes Farms was looking for ways to easily change the look and feel of the store. The idea was to be able to change products and promotions easily, and offer new experiences regularly so frequent customers were always met with new experiences and fresh promotions. In addition, Oakes Farms wanted an unparalleled high end feel so hanging 16:9 TVs everywhere and making Seed To Table look like a Best Buy was out of the question. Something new, and even artistic was required with smart use of space, and a cool vibe.

How were the objectives met?

Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farms, came to Instorescreen to find an answer. Alfie asked Instorescreen CEO Henrik Andersson to bring solutions to Seed To Table that deliver the ease and flexibility of digital, along with the cool and sophisticated European styling that Instorescreen is famous for.

Over the prior months, Instorescreen had released many new displays specially built for the retail environment that were ideal for the look that Seed To Table needed. Two foot, three foot, and four foot stretch displays as well as square displays that were configured into artistic menu boards were deployed in the deli, and the two instore restaurants. Double sided aisle displays were deployed on the low shelves where the healthcare and cosmetic products were placed. The displays are low enough to not obstruct the view across the beautiful space, but the occasional video catches customer’s attention and gives them information they need to find the products that are best for them.. All these displays look different than TVs so people that would not even notice a 16:9 TV anymore were mesmerized by the unique shapes and interesting deployments.