Design Awards Q&A

Q) When do you start accepting entries for the 2017 Shop! Design Awards?

  • A) We will begin accepting entries in September 2016. The early deadline is Dec. 15, 2016 and the final deadline is Jan. 15, 2017.

Q) Who can enter a project into the competition?

    • A) Anyone involved in the project can enter it including, but not limited to; designers, architects, retailer, fixture manufacturers, visual merchandiser, lighting or flooring suppliers, etc.

*Note: If multiple companies enter the same project, the first company to submit it gets to enter it, all other entrants will be notified and given a full refund.

Q) Can a company or project that’s outside of North America enter the comptition?

  • A) Yes, this is an international retail design competition.

Q) What if I’m unsure which category my project should be entered in?

  • A) Chose the category you think is correct, if it’s incorrect or we think it will score better in another category, we’ll move it for you.

Q) Can I win more than one award?

  • A) Yes, and you can increase your chances of winning an award by entering into one or all additional element categories (store fixture, visual presentation, flooring, in-store communication, lighting, and wall treatment)

Q) Can I submit a video?

  • A) Yes, one 45-second video (.mov or .mp4 format) can be substituted in place of one image.

Q) Is there something I can do to help my entry score better?

  • A) Yes, here are a few tips:
    • a) Very Important! Use a professional photographer. Images must be at least 300 dpi, 8 inches wide in JPG or JPEG file format.
    • b) Send enough visuals to tell your project’s story.
    • c) Be concise and provide specifics in your project description. Use bullet points to identify important points at a glance, judges have little time to read long descriptions.
    • d) If the project is a remodel, send before and after images.