Category: Supermarket – Temporary
Submitted by: International Paper Retail Packaging and Display
Client Company: Keurig Dr Pepper


Objectives for this entry: 1) Drive awareness of Dr Pepper brand   2) Support Fansville – the Dr Pepper parody TV show drama in time for college football season. “Fansville” celebrates the commitment of Dr Pepper to both the sport of college football and the fan “Treat Myself” campaign  3) Create a flexible modular unit to fit a wide variety of retailers.  4) Incrementally lift sales for the Dr Pepper brand.  In order to hold a maximum quantity of product, have the ability to display any package size, and minimize cost, an existing hutch design was utilized as we knew from experience that it could handle the weight.  By using headers that supported a cross beam, individual hutches could also be combined create a larger display.  The center beam expands and contracts allowing it to be set it up from 96″ wide to 117” wide.  This allows for more or less product depending upon the size of the store and amount of product desired for the display.