Category: Digital Interactive – Permanent
Submitted by:  Process Retail Group
Client Company:  Garmin


Garmin’s objective for this display was a co-branded cohesive cycling product ecosystem.  Bringing both Tacx and Garmin products together for consumers to experience concurrently was of utmost importance.

Another critical piece was to showcase existing cycling software applications that pair with the Tacx in-home cycling trainer to give the consumer a complete understanding of what could be expected.  Whether a daily cyclist or a weekend cycling hobbyist, these products and their platform present a mix of everything.

The ability to hop on a bike connected to a Tacx trainer, engage in the software experience, and view the performance metrics displayed with Garmin cycling accessories in a retail setting was the overarching goal and achievement of this display.

Combining the Tacx products with Garmin’s market leading cycling accessories on this display creates a retail destination and product education hub to push the product and category forward.