Category: Food, Grocery & Convenience – Permanent
Location: Dublin, Ireland, Ireland
Submitter: Shop Equipment Ltd


– Accelerate Heineken® 0.0% Brand and overall category sales
– Develop a one stop solution which can house all Non-Alcoholic brands, within any retail space
– Provide an easily navigated solution for consumers in Irish retailers, which disrupts the shopper journey within the Alcohol aisle
– Deliver all Zero Zone solutions sustainably

How were the objectives met?

To date, we have delivered over 700 Zero Zones in Ireland with a view to have extended our Zero Zone footprint further into 2020 and beyond.
These are across a mix of Supermarkets, Convenience, Independents and Wholesale channels, with all Irish retail customers engaged with the concept.
Our Zero Zone success has been the result of a fantastic collaboration across all stakeholders, from Customer Marketing, Brand Marketing, Category, KAMs, Field Sales, Customers and store managers. Each and every person played a role in these coming to life, and will continue to as we drive further to hit our 2020 ambition.
Each type of solution has delivered impressive results for us to date, across shelf, FSDU and bay displays. All of which are measured off strong base sales.
• Shelf – +25% category growth
• FSDU – +19% category growth
• Bay – +50% category growth
When we looked at shopper penetration detail, we saw that stores with a Zero Zone saw a 57% growth in Non-Alcoholic customer, with 70% of the shoppers new to the beer category altogether! Of those new shoppers, 55% were new to the Heineken brand, making this a huge success story for both Heineken Ireland and the wider Category.
From a brand perspective; Heineken 0.0% is also seeing MAT growth +65% vs LY