Category: Digital, Mobile, & Interactive Media
Location: Artarmon, NSW, Australia
Submitter: XPO Brands


The story:

Mayonnaise is a much-loved condiment in Australia with consumers spending AUD$139,551,218 on mayonnaise every year, particularly during Christmas and Easter.

Traditional Aussie mayonnaise is made with whole eggs. However, some brands use ingredient substitutes, leading to shopper confusion as to the definition of ‘real’ mayonnaise.

The brief:

In the lead up to Easter 2019, Kraft Heinz approached us to develop a campaign that demonstrated its commitment to back and build its brands in innovative ways. The company has an “act-not-ad” philosophy to ensure any brand activity creates meaningful consumer connections that are grounded in context.

For this campaign, Kraft Heinz challenged us to create an engaging ‘ACTvertising’ out-of-store experience to educate consumers that Heinz makes [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise with WHOLE EGGS.

The key challenges we faced was to invent a unique experience that would achieve the highest brand awareness among the largest possible audience with a relatively low budget!

The objectives:

• The primary objective was to educate consumers that Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise is made with whole eggs while underpinning Kraft Heinz’s “act-not-ad” philosophy.

• Give away 10,000 full-size bottles of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise.

• Create a meaningful activation that raised brand awareness at a local Sydney level in the state of New South Wales (NSW).

• Strategically, we believed the campaign should work hard to drive people to the shelf, so as an extra measure of success, we challenged ourselves to generate an uplift in NSW sales data.

How were the objectives met?

[Seriously] Good Results


• Strategic insights found Australia’s Sydney Royal Easter Show to be the greatest opportunity for awareness/engagement with 828,000 attendees: 60+% being our targeted main grocery buyers.
• We developed a consistent recipe education message: WHOLE EGGS WORTH SEARCHING FOR. Its double-meaning encouraged Showgoers to search for the product in-store and participate in our GOLDEN EGG HUNT.


• Using Snapchat, Showgoers engaged with the Hunt, solving clues around the Showground to find six virtual Golden Eggs and snap selfies with them to win a share of AUD$1000/day.
• Clues were available from the Heinz [Seriously Good] Golden Egg Hunt stand, strategically placed in the Poultry Pavilion to highlight our ‘whole egg’ story!
• We achieved:
• 165,597 Egg Hunt Snapchat impressions.
• 12,000 bottle redemptions.
• A bonus Facebook post on the Show’s page, boasting 160,000+ followers, reaching 22,885 people with 4,201 video views.


• Two million+ impressions, exceeding the brand awareness objective.
• 1,497,491 media impressions.
• 300,000 Show eDM impressions.
• 327,000 impressions from the ad/website/Show app.
• $15,000 media investment returned circa 1.5 million impressions (paid and earned), resulting in $60,000+ media value: 305% ROI on the media platform.
• Bronze Medal for the Best Commercial Exhibitor Award in recognition of the innovation it brought to the Show.


• 61.3% conversion from engagement to first purchase (based on NSW grocery sales data during/post-campaign).
• In week one, combined with price promotion, the campaign increased NSW market share by +29.2% (vs YTD).