Category: Convenience Store – Permanent
Submitted by: siffron
Client Company: The Hershey Company


Hershey challenged siffron to find a unique and exciting way to increase the ability to display Reese’s in the cooler environment in c-stores in order to maximize impulse sales and drive incremental volume via cross merchandising in key adjacent categories.

Our Industrial Designers took that feedback and went to work, creating six unique solutions designed to find extra space in an already tight cooler environment.  After reviewing all of the solutions with the Hershey team, a single design was chosen. The key factor for the design selection was the unit needed to be heavily branded and needed to have the ability to work within the space allotted in the grab n’ go style coolers.

Hershey has started to install the trays into several different c-store locations and a test conducted in one chain showed extremely positive results.  They experienced a 13% increase in Reese’s sales and an 89% increase in overall basket ring with the trays in place!  Based on these results, Hershey will continue to expand placement in 2020 and beyond!  The initial order for these pusher tray units was 3,000 pieces but based on feedback and excitement from the sales teams, Hershey is now projecting needing over 30,000 tray units.