Category: Healthcare – Permanent
Submitted by: Smile Direct Club
Client Company: Smile Direct Club


SmileDirectClub invented the teledentistry industry in 2014, forever changing orthodontics by enabling customers to get straighter teeth with clear aligners delivered straight to their home for 60% less and 3x sooner than braces

As a new-comer to selling CPG at mass, SmileDirectClub collaborated with our team to create a permanent portfolio-wide in-line display was engineered and designed to be a long-term (18-24 months), on-shelf presence. It is an entirely modular unit (flexing from 77” down to 37” and 25”) that’s capable of accommodating all SmileDirectClub products for the initial launch phase as well as planned future SKU’s and configurations SmileDirectClub is planning for the near future. 

The multi-sensory display is constructed in three sections. Adjustable dividers and pushers to allow for easy changes in the planogram. The product glorifier is also constructed of a powder-coated sheet metal body with a permanently affixed toothbrush and teeth-whitening tray inside a vacuum-formed protective cover. It also contains motion-activated LED accelerator light (a component in SmileDirectClub’s premium teeth whitening solution) that lights up to demo its functionality as well as  attract shoppers.

The total 77” in-line display, set in over 3800 Walmart stores, has infused new life to Walmart’s oral care category with over $1 million in sales for SmileDirectClub and incremental sales for the category.  Its modular, flexible design positions SmileDirectClub for the future as the brand rolls out additional products over the course of 2020 and beyond.