Category: Digital, Mobile, & Interactive Media
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, Greater China
Submitter: Procter & Gamble (China) Sales Co., Ltd


Today, China consumers show the increasing desire for a healthier and on-quality life. China local brands of power toothbrush were blooming in eCommerce in the past year. Under this circumstance, both Walmart and Oral-B were experiencing intensive competitions from the local and online competitors, which resulted in offline traffic and transaction decline.

So the innovation of Oral-B & Wal-Mart Oral Center (a digital endcap) targeted to uplift the first moment of truth of Oral-B products in the store, especially for premium and supper premium power toothbrushes, by providing superior and smart shopper experience, and eventually increase the sales volume of the product portfolio.

The marketing objectives for Oral Center innovation were:
1) Sales volume increases by 3,000 RMB/store/month;
2) Overall sales volume of Oral-B increases by 15%;
3) Reach additional 2,000 consumers/store/month;
4) Increase 500 consumers/store/month to experience Oral-B power toothbrush.

How were the objectives met?

The innovation and launch of Oral-B & Wal-Mart Oral Center was acknowledged by both customers and shoppers. The first batch of Oral-B & Wal-Mart Oral Centers have been listed in 25 Wal-Mart stores, and have obtained a very positive market response and financial result.
1) The overall sales of Oral-B increased by 25% and the sales of power toothbrush increased by around 120%.
2) More than 50 shoppers were engaged to experience the oral center per store per day, and about 460,000 shoppers touched and felt Oral-B power toothbrush product line via digital endcap last year. Shopper’s average holding time was 12 seconds because of digital endcaps, which was 67% longer than traditional endcaps.