Category: Student Design Awards
Location: Szentendre, Pest, Hungary
Submitter: POPAI Hungary


POPAI Hungary announced a design competition for young Industrial Design Engineering students. The objective was to create and design a display for Zewa household towels. In 2019 Zewa launched a new product under the name of Wish & Weg which represents the best quality of Zewa household towels. Zewa Wish & Weg Quick Pack is a premium quality kitchen towel in practical single sheets. It is a compact, hygienic and nicely designed pack that suits different rooms and tastes. It was mandatory to put this new product on the display.
The two most important factors were to educate customers on the benefits of the products and demonstrate the wide range of potential uses of household towels. The challenge was to create a unique, eye-catching solution to grab the attention of customers in a noisy in-store environment. During the designing of the display the obligatory technical parameters (e.g. size of the display) and Zewa brand visuals and guidelines had to be considered.

How were the objectives met?

The main customers of household paper towels are women. My display’s shape impresses them, with rounded, ergonomic lines and fine shape construction. The shelves are slightly sticking out highlighting the products on them.
My main purpose of work was to create a display capable of making the customer more interested in the product. I started with a questionnaire to get more insights about people’s thoughts on displays and their connection to the product. The results were disappointing. Most of the people couldn’t remember the displays and they choose their products from the ordinary shelves. I wanted to make a change on people’s attitude about these stands, so I used my conclusions from the questionnaire during the work on the display.
To draw people’s attention I designed a staccato (rotate-stop-rotate-stop) rotating part which I placed on top of the display. When somebody gets close to it the movement sensor starts it moving. There are six vanes on a horizontal axis. On each vane there is one of the six differently packed paper towel samples, so she/he can check each of the products. I wrote some messages on each vain over the sample products about the applications of each to help the customer decide which one to choose.
This display is not an ordinary static display, but with it’s moving parts it can also be really attention calling. It shows the advantages and functions of the products simply but clearly so it could be a useful advertisement in the future.